Love Box Awards

October 2023

The 1st annual Love Box Awards was a magical evening overflowing with πŸ’— lavish love & gratitude! Β 

WE did it!!!! Love is born in a new way with the Love Box Awards!

We put a spotlight on the Love Box Leaders aka Love Agents who are spreading love in the world. 13 remarkable people were given awards that fit their contributions.

Talk about a FUN-LOVING team who made it happen. A huge Thanks to Tiffany Kreinbrink! Talk about creating a magical night Bailey Kreinbrink!!! Β Leslie Renee Briscoe-Andrews, LaToshia Hines-Key, Cheryl Oen Chapple, Carrie Handshue Rebisa and Christine Martinello were on the Awards committee. Β 

It was an inspiring night to feel the magic of love. Being a part of what the Love Box Foundation is doing to change people lives, families and communities really matters.

Know that hearts are being opened, people are uniting, loneliness is being replaced with understanding & compassion.

God’s love is being harnessed & released in the world.

We need your heart & hands to touch more people and families! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ… Will you join US?


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