September 2023

Dear Leader . . .

They say it's lonely at the top because ultimately all the decisions rest on your shoulders. You're the type of leader who includes our whole team and even though you may not hear it often, know that we are grateful. You are seen. You are heard. You are appreciated.

I imagine you hear a lot of complaints. Well today is a new day. Today you’re going to hear compliments. Because you are a leader that is looked up to and thought of with great admiration. Thank YOU for all you are doing to lead the organization and people you work with, to greatness.

As a leader you make sacrifices and face many pressures to produce results. Know that there is a whole team of people who are cheering you on and wanting what's best for you as well. Your leadership skills have shown us a vision that we never thought could be fulfilled and yet, it is. You've brought out skills and abilities in us to make that vision to reality. Thank you for everything you've done for me, our team and for this organization.

I feel blessed to work for someone like you who truly cares about and values their employees.  You are trustworthy and I can depend on you to talk through issues.  You lend a listening ear and compassionate heart.  I’m appreciate the way you work and the way you invest in others with your time and energy.  

The only problem I see with your leadership is that it is hard for anyone else to live up to it.  As a leader you have consistently shown how much you care for the people that you work with. You are hardworking and focus on highlighting other people’s strengths. We know you know so much and yet you are still humble and learning more.

You're the kind of leader who puts the spotlight on other people. It's evident because you bring out the best in us. As a leader I know you have any pressures and probably do not get thanks very much. Please accept this letter of gratitude as a token of my appreciation for all that you do and how you do it.

I certainly appreciate you bringing out the best in us. You have shown us the way to go and the way to grow. You have faced obstacles with a tenacity 2 move through problems and come up with creative and innovative solutions. Thank you for sharing the best of yourself with us.

One of the things that makes you such a great leader is your ability to help others grow.  You see each person’s strengths and bring out the best in others while building effective teams. With your continual guidance, support and encouragement others soar. Despite challenges and difficult situations, you stay calm and positive. Thank you for encouraging me and inspiring me to come up higher.

Once Upon a time there was a little acorn.  it had no idea that it could grow into a mighty oak tree. That tree needed water to grow, the right soil and right conditions to grow.  Your never ending understanding and continued support creates the right in great environment for people to grow. Thank you!

Like a caring parent, at times you put our needs ahead of your own. You help us to focus on doing a great job at work and give us the space to balance our home life. I appreciate that more than you'll ever know. You value our whole life and not just what we keep contribute at work. Thank you for caring. Thank you for what you do and how you are doing it. You've made such a difference in my life and others lives as well.

Thank you for being a visionary leader. You see trends that are happening, and you see what the world most needs. Then you find people who can help us fulfill this mission and a better vision. You have an extraordinary ability to find the right people for the right job. Your leadership has guided us and made the world a better place.  We appreciate your efforts and guidance.

It's one thing to be a leader who tells people what to do. It's another thing entirely to be a leader who inspires people to do their best. You have been an inspiring leader to me and to many others. For that I will be forever grateful. Thank you for sharing your time, energy, expertise and energy.  You show us the way to go and the way to grow.

Being a leader is never easy and yet you make it look that way. That's because you have a vision for the future, years of experience, and fine-tuned expertise in problem solving with creative solutions.  Also, you have excellent people skills.  Thank you for who you are and what you do as a leader and as a caring person.

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