November 2023


It's a message that was on posters to enlist soldiers. We hope this will enlist you to share your gratitude to our military brothers and sisters.

Will you send a soldier a love note and/or the Love Box kit, so they can do the tradition together?

It's easy!  It only takes a few moments and means so much to a soldier. This will ensure they are not alone and that they are deeply appreciated. We need you for this Love Box Project. Please reach out to Cheryl Chapple with any questions, @ e:

Let's join forces on the Military Love Box Project!

You can write love notes in person, with a group of friends or in the comfort of your home. Just let us know and we'll send you the love notes and sample love note scripts are below.

In Nov., Love Agents get together to write notes. Love Agents in Georgia & Dayton, Ohio are planning events too. Sample love note scripts are below. Hope you'll join us and brighten a soldier's holiday!

“America without her soldiers would be like God without His angels.”  ~Claudia Pemberton.  


Dear Military Hero . . .

In this uncertain world and during these uncertain times, there’s one thing that I am certain of – YOU are a soldier who works hard to keep our country and our people, safe. Thank you.  There really are no words that totally express my gratitude. I hope this note brings a smile on your face.  You’re being thought of with all good wishes.  

A hero is someone who has given of his or her life for someone else.  Thank you forsacrificing your time, energy, and a piece of your life, for my friends andme.  What you do is important and vital toour well-being.  

“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”  ~Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Thank you for fighting for our safety and security.  You’re a fighter and we need you to keep fighting the good fight.  

America represents hope and freedom to so many around the world.  Thank you for what you do to keep our country free from threats. When I think of hope and freedom, I often think that we have these things because we have you and your team keeping us secure.

You may not feel like an angel, yet to me and so many others, you are like one.  An angel of protection, and an angel that works to keep US safe and secure.  Thank you so very much! Please stay safe and soar above. :)

All the small things you do are like seeds in the soil of freedom.  Thank you for doing countless things in the right way with a heart full of care for your fellow country men and women. Because of your efforts, our lives can bloom and flourish.  

Let's spread love with our military brothers and sisters to let them know how much we value and appreciate them!

We're incredibly grateful for their sacrifices and service. They will know that by our love, expressed in love notes and Love Box kits.

The Love Box tradition will bring our military brothers and sisters a treasured tradition to do with their family and friends. This will bring them closer together, even if they're deployed and far apart.

Thank YOU for giving our military the gift of love, one love note at a time.

Keep on lovin'!

Christine Martinello

Founder - Love Box

Training Solutions Int'l


To learn more about the Love Box kits please visit the home page.

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