January 2024

LOVE BOX PROGRAM for Students. Teachers and Schools

Let's spread love and encouragement in schools!

The LOVE BOX PROGRAM teaches students the concepts of love – what healthy self-love is and what loving others means. Students learn how to be more lovingly engaged in their lives at micro and macro levels. They develop a “loving” and “feeling” vocabulary to create greater emotional depth and understanding while learning how to express their love both in writing and verbally. This creates new connections and deeper, lasting bonds with others.

 Students become ‘Love Agents’ in all areas of their lives – at school, in the community, and in their families. A ‘Love Agent’ is someone committed to sharing loving words of empathy and compassion, building the recipient up, giving them encouragement and hope for the future.



STEP 1. The teacher learns about love and the Love Box Experience.  

STEP 2. The teacher teaches 3 lessons about love, the Love Box experience and writing love notes. First a lesson about love and its various forms and then a lesson about the Love Box Program and how to write love notes.

STEP 3. Students write love notes for each member in their classroom and their teacher. Or the teacher will have students draw one name from their classmates and write one love note.

STEP 4. Get Social: Students can make a video reading the love notes out loud. Take pictures of students together. Post on Facebook page, & social outlets & link to:

STEP 5. Students will create a video about the impact of the Program.  How it has impacted them and the other students.

STEP 6. Students will be given a Love Box with blank notes to take home and complete the Love Box tradition with their families.

STEP 7. Measure Outcomes. Teachers and students will complete a simple form to share feedback. There will be two follow-up meetings.  



 The Love Box experience helps students by teaching them the importance of love, kindness, compassion and empathy towards themselves and others, while building lasting community in the classroom.  Writing unique love notes requires creativity, courage, and imagination. Students learn to speak more authentically and with what the ancient Greeks called the ‘thinking heart’.  Teachers have witnessed this loving communication and it transforms and inspires us all.  We have seen students grow and understand the impact of their actions on others.

 This program is a systematic approach to learning about and experiencing greater love that has been adopted by 42 schools from pre-K to high schools in both Georgia and Virginia.  


Here are sample love notes that let students know that they aren't alone and that you are cheering them on as they study, grow, and make friends. You can pick and choose some of these sentences or make up your own. Love notes uplift teachers and staff as well. Thank you!

Dear Student . . .

Remember that you are smart.

Look at the strengths you have and build on those.

The world has a need for you.

You can and will do things to promote learning and healing in your life.

You can handle this one step at a time.

Your problem has a solution; you will work on a plan.

You are a survivor.

You are important.

Today, celebrate you.

You matter.

You are strong.

I want you to know that we are all rooting for you to learn, grow and succeed.

Your confidence is beautiful.

Your smile can make someone else feel better.

Every day, in every way, you are becoming better and better.

You are a good person.

It is always too early to give up on your goals.

You can reach out for help if you need it.

You are special just the way you are; do not change yourself for anyone.

You can make a difference.

You can be anything you want to be.

Believe in yourself, and you can.

Your opinions matter.

You are valuable.

Each love note is a precious keepsake that a student will treasure.

Love Notes for Students in Spanish

    Querido estudiante . . . .

    Recuerda que eres inteligente.

     Mira la Fortaleza que tienes en eso.

     El Mundo te necesita.

     Eres un sobreviviente.

     Hoy celebrate

     Tu importas 

     Tu eres Fuerte.


     Querido estudiante . . . .

      Quiero que sepas que todos te apoyamos para que aprendas, crezcas

      Y tengas exito.

      Tu confianza es hermosa. 

      Tu sonrrisa puede hacer que otra persona se sienta mejor, cada dia

       En todos los sentidos, te vuelvas mejor.

       Eres una buena persona.


Querido estudiante . . . .

    Acuerdate  que siempre puedes  pedir ayuda si la necesitas. No estas solo.

    Eres especial  tal como eres, no te cambies por nadie. 

    Tu puedes hacer la diferencia.

    Puedes ser cualquier cosa que quieras ser. Cree en ti mismo  y podras.

Thank you for sharing from your heart!

To  explore Love Box Education and Experiences in your school contact:
Christine Martinello

Founder, Love Box Foundation

ph: 804-608-0378

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