Campaign Process

Start your own Love Box Campaign!

  1. Decide if you want love notes and/or Love Boxes.
  2. Decide if you will build a team or partner with another organization or a non-profit. 
  3. Research need of group you want to help. (look in newspapers and/or other forms of social media)
  4. Connect with someone involved in the effort through social media or personal contact  
  5. Have a conversation with contact person about what the Love Box is and if it would be helpful. (Love Box Foundation was begun as a family tradition in which love notes were written to each member of the family and then read aloud – powerful connections – sharing the love)
  6. Order products for your campaign from website (
  7. Connect with a non-profit or person who can distribute Love Boxes and notes.  Possibly they’re already involved in the efforts. 
  8. Love Scribes gather & write love notes . 4 or 5 people or more. 
    Create sample love notes and give to Love Scribes.   Check website for samples: .  How to’s: think about what you love and like about the person and write that. Write about special gifts or talents the person has. “How is the person a gift?”  (May need to add some examples when writing for crisis)
  9. Assign a deadline date for all love notes to be completed.  Typically a week later. 
  10. Post a ‘Call to action’ on social media for people to write more love notes. (People from all over may be convicted and/or passionate about the particular event.  Will need to include a deadline (usually about 1 week) for writing and sending love notes to the point person.)
  11. Seek donations and funds for the Love Boxes and love notes.  
  12. Personalize the Love Box.  Add calligraphy for a person or organization’s name that has been impacted. (This may be the step in which one decorates the boxes – craft time.)
  13. Send your love notes & Love Boxes in the mail. 
  14. If you’re hand delivering the products, try to include special treats or heart shaped balloons.   (Balloons can be purchased at Dollar Store.  Candy may be included in the Love Boxes.  With police, one may want to include donuts. Use your creativity.) Take pictures.  Post them on social media. 
  15. Follow up 2 weeks after the campaign. Make sure the notes and boxes were received.  Thank them for the opportunity. Ask how people were impacted. LBF (may need to create a survey if we are looking for specifics)
  16. Ask LB Campaign manager to share their photos/videos with Love Box Foundation and / or on social media, Love Box Foundation Facebook page.