Be a part of the change. We need volunteers to write love notes, donate and match gifts, build partnerships, start Love Box experiences, and pray that Love Prevails!

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Why Start Volunteering?

We are spreading love everywhere we go and would love for you to join the movement. Volunteer by writing love notes, hosting an event, praying for our foundation, or becoming a partner.

  • Become a Love Agent Write love notes as a Love Scribe. Deliver Original Love Boxes in your community and represent the Love Box Foundation.
  • Become a partner Ask your favorite company for volunteers and/or donations.
  • Gift Matching Contact your company to match your gift.
  • Non-profit Partner Let’s build an alliance to spread love in your organization.
  • Be a prayer partner Please pray for our events, work and that Love prevails.
  • Become an intern Interns of all ages and stages can help out and work with us.
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Start a Love Box Experience - 7 easy steps!

1. What is the need of the group? If you're not sure, look online, in news and/or other forms of social media. Connect with someone involved in the effort.

2. Create the plan. Have a conversation with the contact person about what the Love Box is and how it can help. (Love Box Foundation was begun as a family tradition in which love notes were written to each member of the family and then read aloud creating powerful bonds & connections). Assign a deadline date for all love notes to be completed & Love Box kit delivery date. 

3. Order products for your campaign from website (originallovebox.com). How many Love Box kits or love notes do you want?

4. Create Love Notes & Love Box kits. Love Scribes gather & write love notes. 4 or 5 people is plenty.  Check website for sample love notes on the blog page.  Return love notes to Love Box campaign manager.

5. Personalize the Love Box.  Add calligraphy for a person or organization’s name that has been impacted. (You can have fun & decorate the Love Box kits – craft time.)

6. Delivery Day!   If you’re hand delivering the products, try to include special treats or heart shaped balloons.   Treats or candy is fun to add in the Love Box kits too.  Use your creativity. Take pictures or videos.  Post them on social media. 

7. Follow up. Within 2 weeks after the campaign, ensure the notes and kits were received.  Ask how people were impacted. Ask Campaign manager to share their photos/videos with Love Box Foundation and / or on social media, Love Box Foundation Facebook.

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