Teachers Love Notes

Let's start off by loving on some unsung heroes - teachers.  

Dear Teacher,

1.         You are one of the most dedicated professionals I know. Thanks for equipping your students with knowledge and encouraging them. We appreciate your patience as you teach during these trying times. You're helping your students accomplish things they would not have been able to do, without you. Sending all my love to you.

2.         Thank you for providing such a quality education for your students. You seek every way to better educate your students - the countries next generation. We recognize you for all you're doing and appreciate the important role that you play in this endeavor. You get all my admiration and gratitude.

3.          You are a “class act” because you love teaching and it shows. You instill the love for learning in each student that will last for a lifetime. What an impact you're making.  We thank you for that!

4.         Our imaginations are shaped by our expectations and aspirations. You, our teachers, educators, and trainers inspire hope in us to achieve our dreams. Sometimes your inspirations comes at such critical turning points that our entire lives change for the better. All thanks to you.

5.         You sew the seeds of tender love and care in our hearts. When those seeds grow, we become better people. That alone makes us grateful for you. We love you!

6.         You may not heart it often enough, so I hope you hear this loud and clear -- We love you! We need you. We appreciate the seeds of greatness you plant in each students mind and heart. You are essential to your students' life journeys. Please, dear teacher, don’t stop! We love what you do for us!

7.         Thank you for encouraging us to settle for nothing less than the best of us! We learn to set goals for ourselves and to work towards them as a result of your efforts. Thanks to you, we can fearlessly challenge ourselves and realize our fullest potential!  You mean so much to so many students.

8.         You show your students patience, support and unconditional love as a teacher. You never give up on them even when they fail at our tasks. When students may have become lost, you help them find new answers to problems.  Our love and admiration for you cannot be expressed in mere words. We try nevertheless… Dear teacher, you are very precious!