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1st ever, 'Spread Love Art Party'!
 Are you ready to have some fun with friends while doing good for  others?  
 If so, the Love Agents have a wonderful evening planned for you and your  friends.  We hope you'll join us for some fun, creativity and  time to meet lovely ladies.  At the  party we’ll create a beautiful piece of art, together. (Sure  would be a meaningful gift for the holidays.)  And . . . don’t worry if  you’re not artsy because Gabrielle will  walk us through, step by step. And . . . you'll do  good because the proceeds go  to the Love Box Foundation. So, get ready to have  some fun, and invite some girlfriends to this virtual event.   We can all come together on zoom.  Everyone is welcome.

How to  Get Started, Easily: 

1. Sign up on the website.  Pay  your $25 entry fee at:: The Love Box Foundation | Donate.  We’ll  send you an email with the zoom link.

2. Purchase your own art  supplies or use this link to purchase our recommended  kit. ($21.99)


3.  Zoom in  on November 5th starting at 6:45 pm ET.   We’ll chat a little and then create a beautiful, love themed piece  of art from 7 till 8:00 PM.

All proceeds will  spread love with the Love Box Foundation. The funds will  be used to provide love notes and Christmas or  Original Love Box kits to people and families in need of  a ‘Love Boost'!  Every single month we’re spreading love with  those in need. If you want to check out the awesome work the Love  Agents are doing and/or get involved as a volunteer, visit: www.loveboxfoundation.org/

You won’t want to miss  out on this memorable evening.  Got questions or input?  I'm  here for you.  .   

C’mon, let’s get this  ‘Love Art Party’ started!  

With love &  endless gratitude, 


Christine Martinello, Love Box Foundation Founder

Christine Martinello

Founder, Love Box  Foundation

 P. S. You can  make a donation at: