Love Box Foundation Spreads Love

Since 2014 we've helped thousands of people!

Our mission is to spread love with anyone who needs a 'Love Boost'.

Since 2014, we've helped thousands of people feel loved with love notes, Christmas Love Boxes or Original Love Boxes and with loving events. It has been truly amazing to see the impact the Love Box tradition has made in bringing people encouragement, hope and a loving experience to express all the love in their hearts.

Do you know someone who feels unloved, unwanted, lonely or like an outsider? Secretly, they just want to be loved for who they truly are. We all want to be loved, seen and heard. Whether it's a child who feels unloved in the foster care system or a family member struggling with mental illness or a family who just wants to feel closer and create a foundation of love, we're here to help.

We provide loving experiences with the Love Box tradition, education events and community events.

Together, we're changing lives!

Thank you for joining us on this 'Love Movement'. We've come a long way baby, yet, we still have so much more love to spread.

Don't you think?