Love Notes - Friend with an Addiction

This month, we spread love with friends with addictions

I will never forget when a friend told me, "My son lost his battle with his addictions." My heart stopped and ached ever since for this Mama.

I can not begin to tell you the immense heartbreak I have experienced from walking along the addiction journey with friends. I have felt the stigma. I have seen the frustration over not knowing what to do and a system that has failed so many. This is just not how it should be. We can do better.

On the flip side, I've been blessed to feel hope and see recovery. I've seen how our love changes lives.  

The only way anyone makes it through this journey is by having the right medical support, family support and LOVE.  Oh, a whole lot of love. The type of love that makes excruciatingly difficult choices.  Love that's tough and sets boundaries.  Love that stands up and speaks up - despite heart racing fear. Love that advocates and finds creative solutions when there are apparently no answers.

In April, we’re lovin’ on people recovering from addictions.  Why? To help people who feel lonely and isolated feel some love, hope, and encouragement!

Do you know 8 people?  If so, then you probably know someone suffering from an addiction of some sort.

  • 35 million people report harmful pattern of drug dependence, according to a report published by the World Health Organization.
  • Half a million deaths are attributable to illicit drug use annually, according to WHO.
  • Less than 20% of countries have reported high treatment coverage for opioid dependence.
  • About 270 million people or about 5.5% global population aged 15-64 had used psychoactive drugs in the previous year.

Addictions impact all of us. We all need to be part of the solution. And we can.  

Every person deserves to live a healthy and happy life.  Just like any other problem, it takes a whole team to help someone recover. The journey is long, and the love can be stronger!

Will you offer help and support to our friends in need?  

Here's to HOPE!  


Heartfelt love notes:

Dear Loved One,

When I look at you I see incredible strength, courage and perseverance.  You’ve battled more than most people ever have to. Ultimately, the journey that you’re on is uniquely yours.  Yet, you are not alone.  We love you and are with you every step of the way.  Keep believing.

Dear Friend,

Your feelings are valid and your voice is needed!  Please do everything you can to stay healthy.  We need your love to shine and for you to contribute to the world with your gifts.  Keep growing in love and strive for happiness.  You’re worthy of a good life.  

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being you. Thank you for teaching me about life through your eyes.  You are important.  The world needs your smile and the joy that only you can bring.  Hope you will continue to get the help you need and not give up.  Never give up hope.  

Dear Friend,

I know you have strong feelings and that you sometimes you feel alone.  I want you to know that you are not broken.  You are loved beyond reason and are never truly alone.  You matter.  Your voice matters.  Your life matters.  Keep on trying to live a life a joy and meaning.  

Dear Friend,

Let me tell you, I spend some time thinking I’m the only one who doesn’t know what I’m doing.  We’re all just trying to figure life out.  How about you cut yourself some slack and believe you’re a wonderful person who is figuring things out.  You will find out the right journey to recover.  You will get on the path to more joy and happiness.  

Love Notes for Caregivers

Dear Caregiver,

You are amazing!  You are awesome!  You are seen and you are dearly loved.  I know there are times when you feel overwhelmed and don’t know which way to turn.  Keep on the path of light and love.  Hope beyond all worldly understanding that you can support your loved one and get the support you need to.  

Dear Caregiver,

You bring much JOY to your loved one.  There are no words that could every adequately express the deep gratitude for all the things you do and the sacrifices you make.   Please be sure to be gentle with yourself and take good care of yourself too.  So you can keep on lovin’!  

Dear Caregiver,

HOPE is a good thing. You are doing incredible and sacred work.  You were given this loved one for a reason and for just this season.  Things change and yet, your commitment and passion is unwavering. I know it’s so hard to get the support you need.  You can’t stop searching until you have your last breathe.  

Dear Caregiver,

Your light shines brightly and your love is so needed. You are like a star in the sky, it shines brightest in the darkest night. Even though you may not feel appreciated for your tireless efforts, know that what you’re doing is of the upmost importance. Remember to take time to take good care of you too.