Love Notes for Homeless Friends

Love Agents with the Love Box Foundation write love notes for homeless friends

This month the Love Agents with the Love Box Foundation are writing love notes for houseless friends. Here are sample love notes to inspire you to connect with others.

Dear friend,

This little note is filled with lots of big love!   I’m wishing you peace and renewed hope to find a safe place to stay. When you need an extra dose of encouragement, please remember what a beautiful person you are. Goodness and divine love are within you. May you feel peace that surpasses all understanding.  Do good today.  

(Your first name)


Dear friend,

I know you’re going through the uncertainty of not having a house.  Today is a great day to try something new that will bring you in the direction of your goals.   You are becoming stronger and wiser with each passing day. Keep the faith.  Go be great and do your best today.

Stay strong,

(Your name)


Dear friend,

I wish I had a magic wand and could provide a house for you. Unfortunately, I do not.  It takes work to get and maintain a house.  However, I hope these good wishes wash over you like a healing wave from your head to your toes.  Know you are thought of fondly and that brings a smile to your face.  Know you are strong, even when you feel weak. Amazing and unending grace is always there for you.

Peace & love,


Dear Friend,

I imagine you’re feeling down on your luck right now. I hope this season will pass very soon. Please do what it takes to find a safe place to stay.  Know that you’re being thought of with all good wishes.  I’m sending you much love, calmness, (breathe deeply) and smiles to fill your soul.  Please stay safe.  

Love & Joy,


 Dear friend,

No matter how difficult things look right now, life CAN get better.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Look for glimpses of hope. Know that you are cared for and people believe in you.  Please believe in yourself and take steps to create a brighter future.  Please take one day at a time and remember to breathe deeply. You're strong and you will overcome. Peace and smiles.

(Your name)


Dear friend,

I hope you’ll find a place to stay and focus on what’s most important - Loving God, doing good and  being kind with family and friends. Sending you good wishes and lots of love. Do you feel it? (Smile) Hang in there. You can create better days ahead.  Take 1 step at a time in the right direction.  May the Spirit fill you with peace.  

(Your name)

Thank you for writing love notes and encouraging others along the way.  

Hope you feel blessed abundantly, as you bless others!


Christine Martinello

Founder, Love Box Foundation