Love Notes for Neighbors

Love Notes for Your Neighbor Creates a Closer Relationship

It's 'Love Winks' time!

Are you ready to ‘Love Wink’ your Neighbor? Why would you?

“Love your neighbor as yourself. That's what we need to adopt to be a better country."  ~Brandon Marshall

 Here’s how this simple and fun event works.

Write a short and sweet love note to a neighbor.  Put it on their front door along with a bag of treats.(Or a Christmas Love Box kit)  Tell them, "You've been love winked. Pass it on!"   

You’ll find lots of sample love notes and inspiration below. To get Love Boxes visit:

A friendly neighbor is a joy to have! A difficult neighbor makes life uncomfortable.

Whether you’re best buddies with your neighbors or you don't know them at all, writing and sending love notes is a wonderful way to connect in a meaningful way.

There are many benefits to having good neighbors. They can bring you cheer as you chat across your yards, help with security, bring youfood, pray for you during a difficult season, help with the lawn or snow, help with your kids, and be there for all of life's ups and downs.

Here are some ideas to crafting a wonderful love note for your neighbor. Please use these as inspiration to create your own love note.Open your heart and let the love flow.

Opening: Dear neighbor (Insert first name)

You're a great neighbor!

I'm lucky to have you as a neighbor.

I so appreciate you being my neighbor.

God knew what he was doing when he landed us next to each other.

It’s always a ‘Beautiful day in the neighborhood’ with you in it.  


Body of Note:  

Mention something specific that you appreciate about them.

It’s really wonderful to chat with you from time to time.  

Your lawn and yard always looks tidy and well kept.

Your dog is fun to play with and I enjoy watching you walk him.

You’re such a cheerful neighbor who always has a smile and a kind word to say.

Your decorations are colorful and oh so festive.

Thank you for getting our mail and packages while we were away.

It's fun to swap stories and talk to you across our yards.

Thank you for watching out for us and making sure our area is secure.

You are very generous with your time.

So appreciate you supporting our children’s fundraisers.

Thank you for shoveling the snow / cutting grass

Thank you for being kind and caring.  


Mention how they make you feel

You bring a smile to my face.

I am grateful.

I feel safe and secure.

You saved me a lot of time.

You are a fine role model for our children.


Warms my heart.



Thank you for being such a thoughtful neighbor.

Keep doing what you're doing because you're a greatneighbor.

We will all be spoiled if you keep this up.

You are not only a great neighbor but also a great friend.

Thank you for being such a kind and caring neighbor.      

Wishing you all good wishes, always.

Keep being you.

I am praying for you and your family.

I feel like I won the ‘neighbor jackpot’ with you.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and your familybetter.

I'm looking forward to more fun moments ahead.

All of us here at the Love Box Foundation hope you 'Keep on lovin' your neighbors and family in wonderful ways!