Media Kit

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Brand Brief


The Love Box Foundation aims to transform families, women, couples, youth, seniors, mental health organizations, military personnel, schools, diverse populations, and the world by promoting love through educating, empowering and providing resources such as Love Boxes, gifts and cards, and events to people who are overcoming adversity and seeking to achieve a more loving life.   


Harness and releasing the power of love. Share love with love notes, love boxes, education and community events.  


We believe in love, empowerment, inclusion, hope, unity, and transformation. 


  • Love Agents Leading by example, we are change-makers and activists for love. Kindness, empathy, and selflessness are at the core of every decision.
  • Intimate The Love Box Foundations works on a deep spiritual and personal level to connect and heal the people of the world. Through communication, experience, and education, The Love Box Foundation is spreading the message of love far and wide.
  • United Driven by a deep desire to heal the world, The Love Box Foundation strives to empower groups and individuals to unite instead of divide, build relationships, and share love.


The Love Box Foundation is about more than raising money for a cause. The Love Box Foundation is dedicated to the bigger vision of striving for a more loving world through education and experience.


Love in action. Activating love. Expressing love. Love flows. Love grows.