June 2024

Fathers need encouragement too! Dad's do so much as they provide for their children and a great Dad is an inspiring role model. Please take a few moments and write your favorite Dad or father figure a love note, or two or three. :)


Dear Dad . . .

No matter what challenges you are facing, you overcome them all with love and strength. I appreciate your willingness to support and guide me. Being the dad that you are is the best proof of your love.

You are a giant among men. You have led our family with strength, hard work and faith. There are all kinds of Dad's in the world, but you're the best! You're around and always willing to spend time with me. We have a good time together, no matter what we do. You have shown me how to do so many things and I thank you for every single one of them.

You are so much fun, funny, and are the best Dad imaginable! Thank you for fixing things around the house and teaching me how to be good.  I love you so very much.

Under ‘Provider’ in the dictionary, it should have a picture of you.  You’ve worked so hard for so long to give us a good life and the things we need. Thanks Dad!

You have taught me to tackle problems with logic and love.  Watching you stay calm and patient while you fix things has taught me to stay calm and focused. I admire your persistence and not giving up despite many challenges.

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