July 2024

Love Box for sick friends, doctors and nurses

“Thank you for encouraging, uplifting, and giving hope to health care heroes and friends who are sick.”     ~Christine Martinello, Founder, Love Box Foundation  

Saying “thank you” goes a long way!  Doctors and nurses want the best results for their patients.   So, when they do well, a note of appreciation sure means a lot.  Here are sample  love notes.  Use these or you can write words that flow from your heart.  

Dear Doctor or Nurse . . .

Thank you so much for your dedication and for all you are doing to bring healing and hope to others.  You have been so special to me and my family.  You took the time to answer my questions and you really care.  It shows!  Hope that you feel appreciated for all you do and especially, how you do it.  

We are grateful for all you are doing to bring expert care and healing to others. I imagine you feel tired and have sacrificed much for us. I'm wishing you safety, good health, stamina, and wisdom. Be proud of all that you are doing.  I’m sending you blessings and lots of love.  Keep smiling!

Please know you are appreciated for your hard work, the time you spend with your patience, and your knowledge I feel like I can trust you with my body and healing.  Thank you for your dedication. You are truly appreciated by me and my family!

Having recently been to the hospital, I cannot begin to say thank you enough. Your excellent care and dedication are shining example of what a caring doctor/nurse should be.  Each person I met with was kind and knowledgeable. It means so much when I felt sick to know that I was being well cared for.

When I had to go to the doctor in the past, I felt anxious and afraid of being judged. With you I feel like I can be honest.  You are a good listener and really care about me getting better. I very much appreciate your professionalism and all the research you do to share expert advice. Thank you!

Thank you for caring for me and all your other patients with expert clinical knowledge and explaining what's going on in understandable terms.  You go the extra mile, show such respect and spend plenty of time with me so that I truly understand what's going on and what my options are. I appreciate you being a good listener and great communication skills.

The thing about a great nurse like you is that you don’t just treat people like a number, you also see your patients as human beings.  It’s obvious that you want what’s best for your patients and have provided me with the best possible care.  Thank you for going up and above for me.  I so appreciate all you’ve done for me.  

For a Sick Friend

Dear friend,

Let's use your imagination to get you well.  Imagine for a moment that you are fully healed and well.  What would you do? Who would you be with? How would you move? Now, imagine that you are in vibrant health and enjoying your life immensely. I hope that your dream becomes a reality very soon!  Sending you smiles across the miles.

I imagine you’re concerned about your illness. That's to be expected.  You're such a brave  person who will get through this. I believe in you and the power of healing.  Take good care of yourself and ask for help when you need it. I have faith in you!

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. Being sick is one of those things that no one wants and yet,  there are lessons even in your illness. I hope that you can take time to rest and relax and get better soon! Remember, your body has divine intelligence and you can heal.  Believe.

This is a difficult time for you as you.  I hope you have good people around you who love on you well! You are strong and I hope you do your best to fight through this. I pray that you get great care and will be well before you know it. Keep a smile on your face and sunshine in your heart.

Being sick is just never fun. My healing thoughts are with you, your doctor, and your family. I hope you can see something positive in every day and I hope that before you know it you are well again. Know that you have an amazing body and innate wisdom that will help you heal.

You must know that I used to be a bad patient when I was sick.  Rather than being patient, I was often, inpatient.  Well, that's a bad strategy. I pushed too hard and then it took me longer to get well. Hope you’ll do what’s best for you!  Please get plenty of rest and give your body the time and energy it needs to heal fully.  Everyone needs you back on your feet again.  Keep smiling and keep believing that healing is possible.  

The thing about getting sick is that you can feel like things are out of control.  I want you to find comfort in knowing that you can do your part and you can manage your health. You can work towards getting healthier and then staying healthy.  Please fill your mind with positive messages, hope and peace. I pray you are not alone through this and that you will ask others to help you out.

You are a blessing to others, and we need you to get well! With every breath you take and every move you make I hope you know just how valuable you are. You are lovable, loved and adored for the unique person that you are.  I hope this message lifts your spirits and that you will be living your best life soon!

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